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For more than 20 years, Clover has been the global provider of choice for next-generation food safety technology and rapid mycotoxin test solutions. The goal of the securing the world’s food supply requires knowledge, cooperation, and collaboration. To advance that objective, Clover works closely with government regulatory agencies, international standards bodies, major food industry laboratories, and leading research institutions aroud the world. With a global scientific and distribution presence, Clover have access to the latest research advances, industry expertise, and regulatory information needed to design solutions that maximize food safety and quality at every stage of the global food supply chain. As the trusted partner of the agricultural industry, Clover is proud to consistently deliver the superior products, reponsive service, and individualized support for your industry-specific goals. BENEFITS Personalized service - providing curves for specific products Sustainable — Safe, solvent free testing Fast screening — 1hour measure 30samples Simple — No special training required Precise — Limits of detection as low as 1 ppb Convenient — Easily performed onsite or in the lab Durable — Long shelf life Wide Range — up to 100 ppb Accurate — Real-time data which can be printed or downloaded to a computer

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iCheck Strip Reader

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