AURA Photochemical Reactor

Photochemical Reactor (AURA) is an instrument for HPLC post column reaction which is easy to setup and operate. The AURA Photochemical Reactor is separately by a top cover with Lamp and the PTFE reaction coil which fixed on bottom case. PTFE reaction coil can change to different specification according to different purpose. The both sides each has one 3mm diameter hole that let PTFE reaction coil connect with HPLC column and the fluorescence detector. Example:Use Aflatoxin Affinity column for sample clean up to quantitative total aflatoxin G2、G1、 B2、B1 obtain perfect test result and reconstruction. HPLC Condition: Column: Cloversil , C546150-U 4.6mm x 150mm, 5μ Mobile Phase: Methnol : H2O = 45 : 55 Flow Rate: 1ml/min Detector: Fluorescence 365 EX 440nm EM Reactor: AURA PHRED Standard Solution: Aflatoxin G2、G1、B2、B1 = 10, 3, 10, 3 ppb in Methanol Injection: 20-100ul Temp:20-30℃

AURA Photochemical Reactor


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